Phoenix Keating – AW13 Campaign ‘Androdameia’

Phoenix Keating is proud to present his Autumn Winter 2013 collection, ‘Androdameia.’ The name ‘Androdameia,’ stems from Greek Mythology, where Androdameia was referenced as a powerful female Amazon warrior, whose name means, ‘The Subduer of Men’.

 Phoenix Keating has taken the notion of the woman behind the name and transformed the essence of her character into a modern form of power clothing.

 Dramatic pant and skirt suits, immaculately tailored to accentuate the female form, are embellished with hand painted gold trimmings, reminiscent of various eras of military brocade. The concept of hand painting the rich gold trims of military uniforms re-invents the idea of brocade itself as being 2D, raw and imperfect, but with the same disarming power.

 Of the idea Phoenix Keating states, “It’s a combination of the mark of modern military power and the ancient tribal civilizations, in particular the Amazons, who used war paint to show a warriors power.”

 In addition to military inspiration, ‘Androdameia’ references various styles of recognizable uniforms, such as a pharmacist’s a-symmetrical breasted shirt, which appears in a grey woolen jacket and on a white fitted dress also embellished with faux fur forearms.

 Lauren Becall’s chic style and her ability to carry a tailored suit so beautifully as well as the suits of the 1940’s and 50’s in general, also heavily influenced the collection.

 Perhaps the most unlikely, yet quintessential inspiration was an anonymous older woman who Phoenix spotted on the street wearing a maroon pantsuit, he was struck by this slightly odd yet elegant look and from this chance encounter the first piece of ‘Androdameia’ was born.

 ‘Androdameia’ features a varied, rich colour palette of moss green, muted navy and maroon alongside, grey, black, white, brown and striking splashes of gold.

 Fabrics also vary, from wool suits lined in duchess silk to woven polyester, various leathers and cotton canvas right down to sheer silk organza and faux fur.

 Standout pieces in the collection include the gold splattered leather high-necked top and high waisted skirt both with a corset style lace up back and a gold painted pencil dress, worn with a floor length black pleated skirt.

 ‘Androdameia’ revives the extreme high waists of the1950’s with skirts and pants finishing just below the bust line, taking sculptural tailoring to its extreme.

 Cropped jackets with dropped shoulders also feature heavily in various colours and fabrics including a brown embossed leather, that takes the collection’s sculptural tailoring to new heights when paired with a high waisted corset backed skirt in the same fabric.

 ‘Androdameia,’ also marks Phoenix Keating’s first branded accessories. The collection includes three styles of an extremely oversized envelope clutch, called the ‘Suitcase Clutch,’ which combines the idea of the bag that holds everything and the clutch. The ‘Suitcase Clutch,’ is available in a moss green crocodile skin with a gold painted finish, a raw gold leather sanded for an unpolished effect and a limited edition gold crocodile skin.

 ‘Androdameia’ propels the Phoenix Keating label to a new maturity, signifying the ability of the Phoenix Keating label to grow with each collection.

 Mirroring its inspiration, ‘Androdameia,’ is designed for the inspired woman, who is fearless in her pursuit of style; bold without being brazen and poised in her own existence.

 ‘Androameia,’ is the empowered modern-classic expression of a mythical woman whose legacy preceded her time. The time of Androdameia is now and its place is everywhere.

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 Giving credit where credit is due:

 Photography: Henryk Lobaczewski @ Debut Management

Videography: Toby Marosszeky

Campaign Model: Alice Burdeu @ Priscilla’s

Video Models: Alice Burdeu and Eliza Humble @ Priscilla’s

Campaign Hair: Lauren McCowan @ Cloud Nine

Campaign Makeup: Amelia Axton @ Reload

Video Hair: Leah White

Video Makeup: Felicia Yong @ Next

Nails throughout: Zoe Vokis @ DLM

Shoes by: Senso

Phoenix Keating’s ANDRODAMEIA from Phoenix Keating on Vimeo.

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