Public Relations and Media Relations

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At Bleach. PR we make sure your brand is seen in the media that matters. We secure editorial, brand profile and product placement opportunities for your brand.

PR is not just about getting your brand in the media, it’s about making sure your brand gets noticed in the media online and offline.

We specialize in tailoring campaigns to secure the most influential media, celebrity and online exposure for your brand.

We engage with a broad range of media daily and pursue product placement and editorial in all the significant places.

At Bleach. PR we are constantly networking with new people and finding fresh places to expose your brand, ensuring your involvement with the most exciting new media, digital concepts and people.

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Service Breakdown

Press Release and Press Release Distribution

We write and distribute press releases, ensuring your brand is noticed by leading media locally and internationally.

Tailored PR Campaigns

Mass distribution is not always effective. At Bleach. PR we execute tailored PR campaigns to secure the most relevant media coverage for your news and products.

Exclusive Opportunities

We leverage our media relationships to secure exclusive coverage for your campaigns, product launches and events.

Media Relations

We build lasting media relationships with the media that matters to your target audience to ensure your brand is always fresh in their mind for opportunities.

PR Strategies

We generate ideas that will ensure maximum exposure for your brand and work with you to ensure every new product launch/ service offering or business development has an integrated PR strategy that will augment its success.

Celebrity and Influential Seeding

We seek out the contacts and build the relationships that will get your product in front of and on the celebrities and influential people that have the power to inspire your target market.

Sponsorship Liaison

We assist brands with sponsorship procurement and allocation, ensuring every alignment is mutually beneficial.

Brand Collaboration & Partnerships

We generate the ideas and build the relationships to execute innovative collaborations that will increase your brand influence.

Publicity Stunts

We design and execute publicity stunts, which will make an impact in the media and the public eye.

Event PR

We manage the PR campaign for your events before and after the event takes place, amplifying your brand exposure.

Media Partnerships

We secure media partners for events and campaigns to ensure you reach your target audience.

Profile Management

We manage our client’s profiles from interview opportunities, to professional speaking and endorsement opportunities.