Peta Serras In Women’s Fitness


We spent a lovely afternoon filming at Flow Athletic in March with Peta Serras for Women’s Fitness. Peta shared three of her favourite stretches to help increase flexibility and ease muscle tenderness between workouts with Lizza, Women’s Fitness chief Video Producer.

Grab a copy of this months issue and scan the page to see the video or just follow the link…

Whilst we were filming Lizza filled us in on a rather brave project she’s been working on. She’s training for her first MMA fight, a pretty big feat for anyone, let alone someone who only has a limited amount of time to train herself to a professional level that takes many years of ongoing training to accomplish! Lizza is challenging the fearful voice in her head and is encouraging others to do the same. With her MMA fight not far away she’s taking her inspirational approach to the next level by supporting Plan’s Because I’m A Girl Campaign. You can support Lizza in her endeavour here.

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