PRESS: Phoenix Keating In MX

Phoenix Keating was featured in the MX lookbook section on July 24th 2012.

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So, how did you come to dress Lady Gaga?

Well it started with my very first collection. I awoke to an email in my inbox, the subject read: “URGENT REQUEST FOR LADY GAGA” a week later the entire collection was in New York on the racks of Nicola Formichetti. However it was not used. A year later, after the showing of my second collection it popped up again. The exact same message. The email, however was different, saying that Lady Gaga would be in Sydney and would love to wear some of my pieces while here. I sent them again and she wore two whole outfits, which i was ecstatic about.

What’s she like?

I never met her. She just wore my clothes.

You started with couture and have just released ready to wear. What prompted the shift?

Couture was and is my passion, however I would like to take the label further to make it more functional as a company… I also love to design ready-to-wear and I think it is the right time in my career to make the move forward.

Is there a certain type of girl who will be attracted to your clothes?

I hope to see a huge variety of women in my apparel. From young to old. I do not design with a particular demographic in mind, it is what it is and I hope that that can translate to many different types of women.

Tell us more about your inspiration; fetish and Belgian housewives…

Looking into european dress of the 16-1700’s I noticed a very distinct translation from that to todays fetish wear. I thought about what would happen if we could take it back a step. I wanted to de-sexualize fetish and make it easier to look at – less taboo.

Is comfort a factor or is it all about the final look?

In the design process I tend only to go with my heart. Nothing matters but my inspiration. However, with that said I during the manufacturing process there is a definite concentration on fit and fabric. This enables the garment to (most of the time) turn out very comfortable.

Is style born or made?

If there is no capacity for style there cannot be style. Whether you are born with that capacity I am not sure.

Who else would you like to dress?

Tilda Swinton. Definitely. She is a huge inspiration to me.

What does a perfect fashion day look like for you?

The rainy scene from “The Big Fall” with Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.

Last fashion compliment you received?

“Your latest look book – Wow” – Margaret Zhang (Shine By Three)

What are you lusting after? 

A beautiful Comme Des Garcons Wallet.


Words: Vanessa Stubbs

Main Image: Chris Pavlich

Model: Amber at Priscillas. 

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