‘Model Chocolate’ E-Book Launches

‘Model Chocolate’ has officially launched its online e-book today, two days ahead of schedule. We’re very proud to be looking after Model Chocolate’s PR for the e-book and the up and coming print edition.

The author and master chef behind Model Chocolate, Abigail O’Neill, celebrated her birthday today as well so she is giving everyone a little gift, today and tomorrow only, simply put the voucher code ‘ITSBIRTHDAYTIME’ in at checkout to receive your copy of Model Chocolate for only 19.95 instead of $25.

And now for the official press release:

Model Chocolate by Abigail O’Neill

 Chocolate, Health, Beauty, Fashion & Love Wrapped Up In One Book

Model Chocolate, is the recipe book set to change the way people eat, cook and live. Written by Australian model, mother of three and writer Abigail O’Neill (pictured), Model Chocolate is made up of 70+ super-easy, mostly raw, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free chocolate recipes.

Everyone has heard the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too,” Model Chocolate is here to tell people not only that they can, but that they can feel better and healthier for it too.  The recipes in Model Chocolate cover every occasion and meal from, “Breakfasts And Snacks,” right through to, “Fashionable Desserts,” and warm and cold, “Cacao Elixirs”.

Abigail, who has been a contributor to several well-known health and wellbeing blogs for the last four years, including The Chalkboard, and began work on the Model Chocolate recipe book two years ago

Of her inspiration to create the book Abigail says, “I wanted to zone in on the kind of chocolate I make, because it’s so easy to prepare & we know everyone loves chocolate! My goal for Model Chocolate is that people everywhere are provided with easy, tasty chocolate options they can eat while at the same time preserving the earth.  Making this kind of chocolate is so liberating. Instead of battling addictions to sugar, processed fats & unwanted additives people can become equipped to make choices that contribute to a vibrant healthy life.”

Abigail has always been passionate about creating delicious and nutritious foods from scratch. She has mastered everything from sourdough bread to raw seed cheeses and now her chocolate recipes, still, she says, “It was challenging, at one point I stuck myself in my chocolate covered kitchen for about two months straight, non-stop, everyday! All of the recipes are 100% my own inspirations; I didn’t look at other raw chocolate ideas because I wanted them to be my own.“

Abigail’s modeling career has also influenced Model Chocolate heavily, making it more than just a recipe book, Model Chocolate features over 50 fashion magazine style images, shot by Damien Nikora with clothing from Eco/sustainable fashion designers including, So Stella, Gorman, Tierra Ecologia, Begitta Couture and Joseph Van Vuuren Couture. Abigail compares cooking to fashion, “You can create any shape, mould or flavour really! I love it.“

Abigail created Model Chocolate to embody everything she is passionate about from fashion and beauty to health and well being, in the hopes that other women would share her inspiration and enrich their lives with creativity not only in the kitchen, but everywhere else in their lives. 

Model Chocolate seeks not only to reveal the endless possibilities of cooking and enjoying chocolate in a healthy way, but also to display the links between cooking, fashion and beauty, the link being they are all an art, a form of expression.

“You can be as creative in the kitchen as you can be when you’re choosing what to wear in the morning and both tasks should be something you enjoy, a chance to express yourself.”  Abigail says.

She hopes Model Chocolate will be a book that people not only pick up when they get asked to bring the dessert to a dinner party, but something they will look to everyday for a treat to celebrate themselves and their loved ones and for inspiration.

Abigail, who has been eating Model Chocolate recipes almost everyday over the course of the project says, “It’s a real testament to the chocolate that I haven’t put on a lot of weight, of course you need to eat healthy and exercise as well, but Model Chocolate is full of recipes you can enjoy without all the guilt. This is simply one small area of our lives that can be transformed resulting in maximum benefit.”

In addition to an abundance of raw chocolate recipes, Model Chocolate also features a few miscellaneous extras you’ll never want to be without, such as- ‘Chok Dollop’ a rich versatile syrup which can be eaten over anything, a face mask, beauty bath and delicious milk and cream alternatives.

The benefits of raw chocolate have been widely talked about in recent times and new health benefits are continuously being unveiled about this new superfood, Model Chocolate seeks to accentuate those health benefits as well as to give everyone a chance to have a lot of one of the things they can’t get enough of, chocolate!

Model Chocolate recipes also include the use of many other beneficial superfoods, such as goji berries, chia seeds, raw nut butters in addition to other healthy foods such as a range of fresh/frozen or dried fruits.

This is the book that every health nut has been waiting for and every style guru will turn to for a new take on creating in the kitchen.

If you love food, fashion and beauty then Model Chocolate is your new bible.

Model Chocolate launched as an e-book on Tuesday the 30th of October, two days ahead of the scheduled November 1st,  launch. It is available from: http://www.abigailoneill.net and   http://www.scribd.com/doc/111861447/MODEL-CHOCOLATE-Recipe- for $25.

The e-book will be followed by a print edition in early 2013.

For all media enquiries including interviews with Abigail O’Neill please contact Rhiannon@bleachpr.com.au


To see some of Abigail’s free online chocolate recipes follow these links:






Giving credit where credit is due:

Fashion photographer ~ Damien Nikora, assistant Jordan Oldfield

Stylist ~ Tamzen Holland Chalmers

Hair & Make Up ~ Ashlea Penfold

Creative Director/Graphic Designer ~ Sarah Chambers

Models – Abigail O’Neill (Dallys Models), Charlotte O’Neill (Abigail’s daughter), Antonia Randles (Dallys), Shelley (from Dallys Models), Sebastian Knight (Dallys), Esha (Dallys Models), Showdear, Galou (Hunter Management), Melanie Taylor (Vivien’s Brisbane)


About Abigail O’Neill

Abigail O’Neill is a mother, a writer, a model and a whiz in the kitchen! Abigail currently calls the North Coast hinterland home and it was there with her family surrounding her that she began to create the recipes for Model Chocolate.

Her modeling career did not begin until she was 32, however she had been offered a contract with a leading model agency when she was 16, just after she had married her husband, but she turned the contract down in favour of motherhood. She is currently represented by Dallys Models in Brisbane, but prior to her move to the North Coast she was represented by Chic Management in Sydney.

Abigail is also a valued contributor to several leading lifestyle and wellbeing blogs including The Chalkboard and Organic Your Life, in addition to her own blog at, abigailoneill.net.

In her downtime Abigail enjoys surfing, relaxing with her family, which consists of her husband and three teenage children, one girl and two boys and of course experimenting in the kitchen, which is, coincidentally, also her number one tip for people when cooking, “Experiment.”

Abigail is an advocate for healthy living. She eats an abundance of raw foods, uses only organic products on her skin including her own facemasks, which she makes from scratch and practices yoga.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, Abigail has, “’8 Tips for Supergorgeousness’ daily, nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance (or balance), fresh air, rest, & trust.”

Like everyone else though, Abigail has a sweet tooth, so what better way to soothe the cravings than to find a healthy way to eat all those delicious treats and that’s where the story of Model Chocolate begins…

Abigail’s mantra for life is, “Love and Chocolate.”

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