Flowers For A Vagabond Summer 2012/13 ‘Desirable Darkness’



flowers For a VagabOnd Summer 2012/13

‘Desirable Darkness’


flowers For a VagabOnd is set to unveil their Summer 2012/13 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) on the 1st May 2012.

The show marks flowers For a Vagabond’s third consecutive year at Australian Fashion Week and promises to deliver an intellectually beautiful collection; rich in contrast and metaphorical significance.

The collection titled, ‘Desirable Darkness,’ embodies the signature elements of the flowers For a VagabOnd label to date, it is simple yet abstract, a pure hybrid of classic and alternative style. Designer and Founder, Toby Maclean has established a signature aesthetic that seamlessly blends minimalist tailoring and complex detail.

 ‘Desirable Darkness’ offers a stunning visual representation of the tale of human travail and triumph.  It is a journey through the depths of darkness, held together by fragile strings of hope until a new era is born.  This renaissance of spirit is denoted with a bold new direction, where colours and detail begin to bleed into a focal point, until the light of optimism triumphs.

To cement the significance of this very human tale, flowers For a VagabOnd will be donating five dollars of every garment sold from this collection to The Wayside Chapel, a charity that works with the most marginalized members of Sydney’s community, offering them hope and a chance at new life.

The distinguished tattoo style logo of The Wayside Chapel with the evocative words, ‘love over hate’ has been subtly blended into the signature tattoo print of the SS12/13 collection.

The print, which features throughout the collection, from the beginning of the journey to the end, introduces a heightened level of intricacy both visually and texturally into each garment, cementing the labels signature style in a new and innovative way.

The colour palette evolves with the story, blacks and olive greens meld into sky blues and oranges with metallic tones presenting continuity throughout.

The silhouettes and techniques in the collection reinforce Toby’s ability to blend two extremes into a striking amalgamation. The soft romanticism of the 1920’s is juxtaposed with the vivacious fashions of the 1990’s. Whilst soft draping and delicate beading are off set against sharp pleats and origami like folds, completing this collection of contrasts perfectly.

 ‘Desirable Darkness’ is comprised of fine merino wool and leather pieces as well as silk chiffon and fringing to finish.  The standout looks of the collection are set to be a softly draped silk chiffon dress in the signature print finished with delicate beading and a dazzling heavily pleated metallic dress.

Summer 2012/13 will see a dramatic evolution within the evolution of the flowers For a VagabOnd label itself, the dark, moody draping of previous collections comes to life with intense detail and brilliant splashes of colour.

‘Desirable Darkness’ signifies a new light and a bold embarking into a brilliant future for flowers For a VagabOnd and its style savvy fans alike.

 flowers For A VagabONd is proud to be supported by Woolmark, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, MeMeMe Cosmetics, Vivien’s and Peeptoe





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