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+ESTATEofMIND Welcomes Winter With A Twist

 +ESTATEofMIND has established itself as one of Sydney’s most unique ‘fashion’ boutiques, a destination for those who are looking for something different.

The store opened its doors in February 2010 at the popular shopping destination, Crown St. Surry Hills and has since become an attraction in its own right.

+ESTATEofMIND began as a hub for Australia’s underground designers to not only sell their wares but to make a name for themselves, now in its fourth season it is no longer just a mecca for underground Australian designers, it is a global celebration of fashion, welcoming quirky designers from Manila to Helsinki.

The store has become a favourite with Sydney’s fashion set who are thirsty for something different, whether it be a vibrant pop print, over the top show piece or a statement accessory to spice up a conventional look.

The window is full of mannequins decked out in clashing over the top outfits, always with statement accessories and is usually scrawled with graffiti style art from street artists including The Dirt.

The interiors are equally as memorable, animal skulls usually dripping in necklaces and wearing quirky headpieces are staged alongside beaded human skulls and black roses. On her most recent visit to Sydney for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, model turned blogger and regular Vogue contributor Candice Lake publically declared it her, “ favourite merchandising in Sydney.”

Having gone from strength to strength with the support of a loyal fan base +ESTATEofMIND is getting ready to take it to another level for winter. Forget about minimalist winter black and greys, +ESTATEofMIND has something else in mind.

+ESTATEofMIND winter is set to be a little bit obscure with a whole a lot of mismatch. It’s not about being a show off it’s about saying something unique through your clothing.

+ESTATEofMIND is bringing the pop prints and vibrant colours from summer right into winter with brilliantly coloured accessories and statement garments like the green and silver sequined pencil skirt from English label 2Weeks and the green and purple plaid suit from Australian menswear label Kings of Carnaby for the boys.  Collared pastel shirts are decorated with neon, plastic geometric collar pieces from Nay-Yan, that’s the +ESTATEofMIND style, decoration and intricate embellishment are key.

Other statement accessories include the popular dip died green hair earrings from 2Weeks, their leather-studded harnesses with plastic chest detail are also a staple along with shoulder harnesses from Australian label Featherhead.  Detachable shirt collars have also been customized with studs by +ESTATEofMIND in collaboration with accessories label How Typical Of Metal.

The bags of the season are brilliantly coloured hand woven bags from couture label Athinaeum, which come in a range of sizes from overnight right down to laptop adding the perfect colour pop to every outfit.

Topping off the accessories edge are dynamic clogues and wedges from shoe label Kobe Husk. Heels have been cut and split to add a modern alternate look to these classic styles.

This winter +ESTATEofMIND is turning its back on one colour, made to match scarves and urging everyone to throw on a neon patterned cape or oversized scarf from Irish label Electronic Sheep.  Pushing mismatching woolen accessories even further +ESTATEofMIND has introduced their line of beanies in every colour under the rainbow.

The garments in store are a truly eclectic offering from the dark moody tailoring of Serpant & The Swan, to brilliant gold pieces from Wonders Cease, vibrant blazers from An Ode to No One and silk chiffon mini tops with shoulder pads from FountainheadLove & Anarchy and Mok Theorem also introduce classics with colourful details and unique twists. Even faux fur has had a stylish makeover with a burgundy option from I.D.S.

Exploring its darker side +ESTATEofMIND is thrilled to introduce Daniel Palillo, all the way from Helsinki; this unisex label delivers some serious edge. Think oversized jumpers adorned with a giant middle finger and some shoulder spikes to top it off and mesh dresses with a skull carefully woven in to to appear under certain lights.

The aforementioned menswear from Kings of Carnaby is the menswear favourite of the season, with plaid trenches and cord shirts completing their look in store. Whilst Orri Henrisson has delivered suits with singular block colour squares and traditional white shirts with black piping detail.

The accessories have all been carefully picked to surpass gender, offering men the chance to add some outstanding detail to their outfits as well.

+ESTATEofMIND is packed to the hilt with winter goodies that will make every wardrobe pop. This winter is no time for hibernating; it’s time to step out +ESTATEofMIND style and combat the cold with something just little bit different or a whole lot different if you dare!

+ESTATEofMIND is not a fashion boutique, it’s that thing that comes after fashion, the pieces that give an outfit a life to get up and walk around on its own, it’s style but not like you’ve ever seen it before.

 Get ready to stand out.

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